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About Hokoen

Hokoen Co. Ltd. is a nursery company, located in Western Aichi, Japan, which consistently breeds, produces and sells chrysanthemums. It has been expanding since its foundation, for more than 40 years.

Our production and sale of chrysanthemum seedlings, as retailing trade merchandise for gardening stores, are one of the biggest in this category in Japan. We, in order to provide our fine breeds to our suppliers, use advanced technologies such as radiation breeding.

Moreover, some of our users monitor how their chrysanthemums grow in their places and report the data to us so we can examine how the breeds grow in geographically various places.

The "creeping" chrysanthemum Carpetmum®, which we recently developed and won the New Value Special Prize at Japan Flower Selection 2008, attracts worldwide attention. Although it is chrysanthemum, creeping stems of Carpetmum® expands and beautifully produces masses of little flowers.

Carpetmum® is so versatile that it satisfies various needs from gardening to greenery business like city planning project.

We are looking for business partners all over the world, hoping to create an international channel for sales. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us at mum-global@hokoen.jp

  •  Areas where monitor cultivation was operated in 2010

♦our original "creeping" mum Carpetmum®


Carpetmum has so unique trait of creeping stems that nowhere else can such a mum be found in the world!