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Hokoen Main Business Activity

Our main business activities are breeding, growing and selling chrysanthemums, mainly spray mums.

We have developed completely new types of chrysanthemums in the cycle of development, trial, production and shipping.

In 2012, we will start a new activity to expand our business.

Our Business Cycle


We use yearly 70,000 seeds for breed development of, mostly, single and pompon types of spray mums and summer and fall flowering mums.

We retain more than 50 registered varieties under MAFF (the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan).


We carry out trials of new varieties in our greenhouses before putting them on the market

Mericlone Seedlings (in vitro)
This cultural technique enables to produce a number of genetically identical seedlings in a short period of time
mericlone seedling (in vitro)


Our production and the number of varities of chrysanthemum seedlings are one of the biggest in this category in Japan.

We, in order to provide our fine breeds to our suppliers, use advanced technologies such as radiation breeding.


We ship our seedlings directly to home centers (hardware stores) or garden shops.

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Carpetmum has so unique trait of creeping stems that nowhere else can such a mum be found in the world!